Better, Faster, Smarter Is What Fight Night Rd4 Is All About.

February 23 2009 was a great day for the chosen ones in the gaming community that had the chance to experience Fight Night round 4 for the first time, and TQcast was blessed with an invitation. Many have already seen the latest Fight Night round 4 game play trailer, but not all have heard much more about the game. Today TQcast has exclusive first look details of the game, including the game’s motions, physics, and graphics.

2 weeks in to Alpha and already the best looking boxing game, if not the best looking sports game ever created. EA has really set a new standard with FNR4. Immediately the game’s graphics will completely blow you away, FNR4 looks at least 10 times better than Fight Night round 3, and that is saying a lot considering FNR3’s top notch graphics. Watching Mike Tyson’s back and trap muscles naturally flex with movements and following the precise facial distortions are completely incredible. Shine on the skin from the sweat and lighting make the fighters look that much more real. The games’ environments, audience, lights, and boxing ring, all blend in perfectly with the game’s immaculate graphics.

EA obviously studied all fighters in the game to a tee. Every fighter’s fluid movements, punches, combinations, defense, stands, weaving, face expressions, known wardrobe, have been precisely implemented. Movements have been a huge improvement from FNR3. All boxer movements are much more natural, faster, and non-freezing. The punch combinations are detailed, powerful, responsive, and as real as you were controlling a real fighter in a real ring.

One of the biggest problems with Fight Night round 3 without a doubt was the slow reaction, combinations, and fighter freezing when in close combat. Please be assured that EA has addressed those issues, as the game is in a totally different pace and natural speed level.

The game’s physics have completely surpassed FNR3’s. All punches are detected different. If the boxer gets hit in the temple, the face’s impact wave expressions and sweat spray will be clearly visible, and accurate to the punches impact location. If a fighter gets hit on the body, then his waist will bend down a bit as a sign that the landed punch was powerful. An incredible example of this would be getting hurt while using Mike Tyson, his reaction is incredibly a replica of a real fight in which he was hurt; he backs away the same, he looks weary the same way, he fights back (while going back) the same way. This is a true boxing connection with the gamer and the game.

If there is anything I can say negative about the game thus far (2 weeks in to Alpha), it would be the still rubbery loose look to the knockdowns and the inaccurate look of a fighter walking back to his corner when the bell rings. An example of this would be; if Mike Tyson was just stunned and finished the 9th round in trouble and dazed, as soon as the bell rings it seems as if he some how took a 30 minute rest, and clearly walks back to his corner looking fresh and cheerful. I know that is really nit picking, but those are some of the details real boxing fans admire when playing the game. Never the less a minor complaint to what is still a game in Alpha stages.

Please keep it locked on for more upcoming exclusive details on Fight Night Round 4.

Listen to TQcast talk about FNR4’s exclusive details right here

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