What’s the Deal? XBLA Pricing.

As an active member of the gaming message board community I have encountered innumerable fans, and haters, voicing their opinions on the pricing of content placed on the Xbox Live services. In this editorial I don’t plan to focus on the topic of add on content, as that is a different issue for a different time. Instead I am going to focus on the fan-made controversy surrounding pricing for Xbox Live Arcade Games.

So, how can you, the consumer, decide if you are getting a good deal without wading through the mounds of sweaty rotting gamer rage or the sickly sweet perfume of a fan boy?

Castle Crashers



There are a few easy ways. First of all, many major gaming websites (including us here at Platform Nation) provide you with our own reviews or opinion pieces on XBLA releases. Starting March 18th it is my hope to begin offering opinions on game demos or reviews on full versions of each weekly release.

The second way is just as easy as the first, download the demo for the game! Every XBLA release comes coupled with a demo so you can try out the game before you buy it, and really, nobody’s opinion is as “accurate” or “correct” as your own.

Finally, do some of your own research. With the plethora of information at your fingertips (thanks Internet) it is extremely easy to find out everything you could possibly want to know about an Arcade game. Don’t like a particular genre? A quick search will reveal to you if the Arcade game falls into it or not.

Now that you are in possession of this powerful knowledge you and I are prepared to tackle this whole “pricing issue” head on.

To be continued in Part 2. Check back tomorrow for more!

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