Down n’ Dirty: Resident Evil 5 Impressions

Friday March 13th always seemed like an allusive date for me this year. It was the day Resident Evil 5 was releasing in the United States, and I made sure I attended the midnight release. Would the game meet my high expectations, or would it let me down? Here are my impressions.

Resident Evil 5 has been taking quite a hit from the critics, much to my dismay, as I thoroughly enjoyed nearly every minute of it. Nearly, because the beginning of the game is really slow in my opinion, and the cut scenes are lacking in the action department.

I can’t give my impression of the solo experience because I played the entire game through in Co-Op mode, which from what I am hearing is the definitive way to play the game anyway, as apparently the partner A.I isn’t quite up to par for a game chock full of action.


The game might not contain the classic Resident Evil scares, but it makes up for it in spades with the constant tension you feel throughout the game. Last minute escapes from a masked chainsaw wielder gets the blood pumping to be sure.

The main gripe people seem to have with the game are the so called “archaic” controls and unintuitive inventory system. I couldn’t disagree more.

The inability to run while shooting might seem like a hindrance at first, and I will admit it took awhile to get used to, but after getting past the first chapter it felt like second nature, and anybody that complains about the setup afterwords is just beating a dead horse. As a gamer I play many different games, all with varying control schemes, and that’s part of the fun. The control system isn’t broken, and thus isn’t an issue.

The inventory system was a small gripe of mine the entire game. While I appreciate the ability to hot key guns and items to the 4 directions on the d-pad, I would have liked to have had easy access to all 9 slots, which probably wouldn’t have been too difficult for Capcom to implement.


Overall I loved Resident Evil 5. With some of the best looking graphics for any system currently available, a strangely intriguing plot (it is absolutely off the wall, but I loved it all the same) characters I cared about, plus plenty of reasons to keep me coming back long after the credits rolled (I won’t spoil what those incentives are, for those of you purists that haven’t completed the game yet) it is guaranteed that Resident Evil 5 will be spinning in my console’s disc drive for weeks, if not months to come.

Played through the game yet? Need help? Feel free to post comments, but please use adequate spoiler warnings when appropriate.

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  • WCC5723

    I don’t feel the controls break a game, but make that game unique in its own way. Some say Killzone 2 is lousy because of the controls, but I enjoyed the game and the controls took some time to get used to but that is one of the things I loved about the game.

  • I havn’t had a gripe with the controls other than not being able to move with knife slicing. Shooting positions needs to be stationary in a realistic sense but when using a knife, it needs to be a bit more forgiving. The only people who use knifes in a stationary position are usually shanking foo’s in the joint. The game is still a blast with or without a friend.

    spoiler- Anybody else laugh at the ridiculousness that is el gigante with a santa beard?