Gaming On iPhone 3.0

Yesterday Apple held an event where they spilled all the info on what to expect from version 3.0 of the iPhone operating system. With this information came news of new ways for us to game on our phones.


New features that gaming apps will be able to take advantage of are the ability to find other phones in close proximity and link to them via Bluetooth. Utilizing Apple’s Bonjour, the phones would be able to communicate and therefore share information. Apple showed off a Nintendogs type game that allowed for your dog to visit another dog on a friend’s phone.


Another app, called LiveFire, is a first person shooter in the vein of Quake that will allow ad-hoc frag fests. These apps will feature the new in-game purchasing system built into the new 3.0 software. This will give you the option to buy in-game merchandise like clothing for your pet or weapons to frag with.


Once 3.0 comes out, I believe the iPhone will move even more into the gaming space and stand toe to toe with the PSP and DS.

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