iPhone app of the week: iDracula

Game: iDracula

Genre: arcade shooter

Developer: Chillingo Ltd

MSRP: $2.99

Rating: 4+

iDracula is an arcade shooter similar to super stardust. It is developed by Chillingo Limited, and will run you only $2.99. It received a huge update a couple days ago, that included new maps, game modes, and weapons.

In iDracula you are presumably a vampire hunter who looks a lot like Van Helsing. You goal is to kill as many monsters as possible. in the bottom of the screen you have 2 little “thumb sticks” which you use to move and shoot. Every so often you will gain enough points to choose a “perk” which will make the game a little easier. Perks range from shooting faster to upgrading your maximum health.

There are 3 maps to play on including a graveyard, a tundra, and a fire place. You will get weapons ranging from crossbows to flame throwers. You also will be able to play one of 4 modes. The main mode is survival where you kill monsters, and slowly upgrade your character. Another mode is Rush, where you get a strong weapon, but you are literally swarmed by monsters. The two new game modes are super survivor and hoard. In super survivor you basically have to survive with just a pistol, and in Hoard, you kill a wave of enemies to earn money, and buy new weapons before starting the next wave.

I do wish that you had a little bit of character customization, and that the RPG element was a little more constant. You do slowly rank up but I want to keep my perks till I play next time. It was really frustrating when your character went under your thumb, but what are they going to do? Really the only other complaint I have is I can’t adjust the difficulty at all, but that is kinda the nature of this type of game.

The good defiantly out balances the bad in this game. It has tons of addicting modes, and levels. The weapons are entertaining and fun to use. The developer is defiantly actively supporting this game, and it can only really get better.

This game is a must buy for any iPhone owner. it offers a longer progressive style of play, or a fast style for those quick gaming sessions. The developers are very active, however I don’t think we will ever see another big free update because of the new level purchasing feature with iPhone 3.0, I do think we will see more content. If you want some bang for your buck buy iDracula.

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