New Details on Upcoming Overlord Titles

By Jason Wadsworth


Tired of having to get up to grab that treasure all the way the other side of the room or chase frightened villagers on your own two feet? Don’t lose heart, in just a few months you’ll have a new horde of minions to do your evil bidding. So polish up your suit of pointy armor and hide the sheep because three new installments of the Overlord series are coming this summer. Direct your glowing Overlord eyes to more info about the games and some images after the jump.


First, there is Overlord II for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. This is the sequel to the original Overlord game and takes place after the events of that game. The Glorious Empire, “an advanced Romanesque nation” according to Codemasters, has taken over the original Overlord’s stomping grounds and it’s up to a new Overlord to return peace…uh…chaos to the land.

As the Overlord, players can choose to to take either a dominating route  or a destructive one to accomplish their goals. Each route has its unique benefits and bonuses to aid the Overlord and his minions on their quest. The minions also enjoy several new additions to their reprehensible repertoire; like the ability to destroy buildings and the ability to mount and ride wolves and other magical creatures.



Next, there is Overlord Dark Legend, a prequel of sorts for the Wii. Dark Legend takes place before the original Overlord game and players will play as a young Overlord. As the young Overlord, players will be able to use the Wii remote for more intimate interactions with the minions; such as picking them up, throttling them, and even throwing them.

In this installment, the young Overlord and his minions must navigate a storybook landscape populated with fairy tale characters.


Finally, there is Overlord Minions for the Nintendo DS. In this portable title, players acting as the Overlord take control of four elite minions, Giblet, Blaze, Stench, and Zap. Players will use the stylus to guide their minions through the action puzzler.

All of these titles are set to release in June of this year.

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