PlayStation 2 Still Getting New Titles

Talk about a system that seems  it will live on forever, the PlayStation 2 is that system as  Secret Agent Clank  is in the process of being ported for the PlayStation 2 according to Glen Egan, President of Sanzura Games  and has stated they are just putting the final touches on the game that is set to be  released for the PS2 May 26, 2009.

Secret Agent Clank was originally released for the PSP  on June 17, 2008 and stars Clank from the Ratchet and Clank series and as the title suggest Clank is a secret agent in this James Bond type spoof.  I enjoyed the game for the PSP, but what really surprises me is the PlayStation 2 still seems to be going strong and good titles are still being released for it.  So for that I say Bravo Sony on a great system and if you don’t own a PSP or a PlayStation 3 at least you are still getting quality titles for your beloved system.

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