Fortune’s Pack DLC finally released for PC

Last years  DLC “Fortunes Pack” for Far Cry 2 is now available for PC after its launch on consoles months ago. For $5 the pack adds 3 new weapons, a sawed-off shotgun, silenced shotgun and a explosive crossbow along with a ATV and a “Unimog”, aka a big truck. Five multiplayer maps are also included in the pack, although Ubisoft has yet to fix the multiplayer and single-player bugs plaguing the game. Ubisoft just seems to be interested in cashing in on the game while continuing to ignore fans cries for a patch.

If you own the Steam version you can purchase the DLC through the newly launched DLC service. If you own the retail version is seems as of now you are out of luck, no notice of its release is posted on the official Far Cry and its not in the store.

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