Halo Wars Becomes Best-Selling Console RTS, New Content In The Works

By Jason Wadsworth


Since it’s recent release, Halo Wars has sold over 1 million copies, making it the best-selling real time strategy game on any current gen console. Not surprisingly, there are some impressive statistics to accompany all those sales.

  • 2.6 million multiplayer matches have been played
  • 118 years of play time have been spent in multiplayer matches
  • An average of 200,000 players play the game each day

For fans of the new Halo RTS, what may be the most important part of Microsoft’s announcement might not be the retail success of the game, but the tease that the former Ensemble Studios team – that now comprises Robot Entertainment – is currently working on additional content for Halo Wars. Those that were worried that continued support for the game was in danger due to the dissolution of the Ensemble team can now rest easy knowing that the game is still in good hands.

Source: Major Nelson Blog

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