RE5 “smashing” charts in UK

Resident Evil 5 has done what analysts predicted that games would do in 2009, and outsell  music and movies. Not particularly just RE5 but any given game, RE5 was just the game to prove it.

According to a Capcom press release which can also be seen at music ally blog, RE5 has moved to the top of the charts in UK, as it outsold every item on the UK sales charts. We are all aware that RE5 has shipped 4 million copies worldwide which is amazing but to take UK by storm like this is crazy.  RE5 is doing very well especially in the UK,  it also has grossed more than the top 5 movies all combined in the UK in one weekends work. I did not see this one coming I’ll be honest, but this is great for gaming.

Gaming has been mainstream for awhile now, and I have been around to watch it blossom. Gaming is more popular than most people think and has changed the entertainment industry. In the UK as of right now gaming is the number one form of entertainment as far as sitting on your butt and enjoying yourself goes, thanks too RE5. So take that U2, and your new album You guys are great but RE5 has outsold your new albums total  numbers since release, in one weekend (in the UK).  Gaming is big time and RE5 is big time.

Although this happened in the UK games are popular worldwide. America still loves its movies and music but gaming has been coming from left field for awhile. We will probably see this sometime here in the U.S. as well. This may also not change the industry but it is a big movement and further pushes people to realize gaming is a truthful honest form of entertainment. With a price of $60 RE5 and well any game for that matter has a longer story,  game play, and in some cases MP where interactions online can take place, than movies and music.  video games are the obvious choice for entertainment and its the value that proves it. A game typically has a story line or game play of over 6-8 hours, and with Online capabilities well there’s potential of hundreds of hours.That’s true value assuming the game is at least enjoyable.

I love all sorts of entertainment from music to movies and honestly without the radio I could not make it through a work day. Gaming is just where my hearts at and I get more from the experience than other forms of entertainment. Congrats to RE5 and Capcom.

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  • Nice article B, I had no idea this was going on in the UK, crazy. What an achievement for Capcom! When games beat out movies you know the gap in platforms is narrowing.