Unreal Tournament 3 Expansion Released

The long awaited Titan Expansion Pack for Unreal Tournament 3 will be released today free of charge on the PSN.

The Titan Expansion Pack  for the PlayStation 3 was delayed due to longer than expected certification process.  The pack is to include new game types, 19 new maps and many other new things for you to want to pick Unreal Tournament 3 back up and see what the Titan Expansion is all about and the best of all this huge expansion is free and that is refreshing to see in a time where some DLC  seems to costs so much.

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  • Awesome News Scott! I actually just picked it up last night, so this worked out perfect.

  • Scott diMonda (WCC5723)

    I rented it when it first came out but now with the Titan Expansion Pack I’ll have to buy it so I can hook up with TQCast!