Unreal Tourney 3 Titan Update is Live

TQfam, I know Killzone 2 has been our go-to game the last couple of weeks, but it’s always good to mix it up every once and a while right? With that said, here are the the latest details on the now LIVE UT3 Titan pack. By the way this is a glorious mO DeAl DLC, since it’s FREE!! Also make sure you have at least 1gig free space on you HDD. “Man I need to upgrade”  TQGame Night lives!!

* New gametypes Greed and Betrayal
* Titan mutator
* 19 new maps
* Link Station and X-Ray Field deployables
* Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon weapons
* The Stealthbender vehicle
* The Slow Field power-up
* Two new characters: Kana and Nova.

This Game mode sounds crazy..

Says Lead Designer Steve Polge of the new Greed gametype:

Greed is a fast-paced, “tug of war” style mode in which you swipe the skulls of fallen players and unload them at the enemy base to score points. Silver skulls are worth a point, gold skulls represent five points, and red skulls are 20 points.

It’s common to see players fighting over huge hoards of skulls as the clock winds down. Each team always tries desperately to stop the other from scoring while, at the same time, fighting to survive en route to the enemy base with their own stockpile. It’s a complete frenzy, but no lead is insurmountable, and there is always hope for a comeback at the last second.

For an interesting twist, you can play Greed with the Titan mutator activated. In this scenario, the goals are the same except you can transform into a 15-foot Titan, which is handy for sowing mass destruction on opponents while protecting skull-toting teammates. To trigger the metamorphosis, simply fill your meter by killing enemies, capturing flags or nodes, and completing other game objectives.

Go update TQfam.