Lost Planet 2 to be on multiple machines?

When first debuted on xbox live, everyone thought for sure Lost Planet 2 would be exclusive to the 360. Why not? The first one did not show up on the PS3 for quite awhile after the 360 version, and the publisher only confirmed it for the 360. I’m not sure of the numbers but I’m certain they were not staggering on the PS3 as time went on and new games came out when Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was finally released on the PS3. Which may also be a large reason for bringing LP2 to the 360 console as an exclusive. Well now  it seems lost planet 2 may find it’s way to other consoles as well. This seems legit as Capcom typically works both sides of the table, especially on blockbuster titles.

As of recent, news has surfaced even though not straight forward, that Capcom May bring LP2 to multiple consoles. Producer Jun Takeuchi said “we are currently investigating other platforms.” Like I said not real straight forward but it’s hope  at least.

I said that the PS3 numbers may not have been staggering for the first installment, and that could be the delay in trying or “investigating” to see if it may be worth bringing to the PS3, if that’s even the case. User base was small back then and it has grown on the PS3, so numbers could change drastically especially when games like LP2 are involved. I would hope that LP2 makes it’s way to the PS3 regardless of the reason it may or may not, because I’m sure it will be good no matter what console it is played on.

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