New levels of gore in God of War III.

The God of War franchise is obviously violent. If you had played the games you know it has a brutal, yet exciting story and attack system. You know that with a devastating 14 hit combo with the blades of chaos there’s bound to be some blood shed. Well it appears that we have not seen anything yet. God of War III which is the final game in the trilogy is said to be the most brutal yet. Going out with a bang I guess.

The Santa Monica developers have shown off some portions of the game, to the press, in saying “some of these scenes are so violent they are never going on the internet – at least not by us. They’re just not appropriate for some audiences.” They also talked about their new “zipper technology” Which can only be achieved thanks to the PS3 console. It’s the type of technology that “allows the enemies skin to slice open realistically.” What this means is if you like gore your in for a treat. With deep enough wounds and strong enough attacks we could see blood and guts seep out of the fallen enemies. Disturbing? Nah, it’s what we’ve all come to know and love about the God of War franchise. To put in perspective, a recent article from The Official Playstation Magazine, reported them seeing Kratos gut a centaur and the stomach, guts and intestines were all visibly falling out.

This is the franchise though, a brutally fought battle for Kratos. This has all been in previous games it has just never been glorified like this with the capabilities the PS3 has and the new “zipper technology.” We’ve seen plenty of gore in other games as well, and although this seems to be shaping up to be a bloody mess, Don’t think for a minute it will hinder the game. The game itself, game play and story is always more important than what blood or how much blood we may see, this is just a little extra on top of a great franchise. It’s technology advancing. How much blood can be shed though to a certain extent? Well I guess we will find out soon enough. God of War 3 has a release date of March 2010, or in the fiscal year of 2009.

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