2008 Xbox Live Arcade Winners

Xbox LIVE Arcade is proud to announce the best games of 2008 thanks to the Xbox LIVE community’s votes in the 2nd Annual Xbox LIVE Arcade Awards!

Crowd favorite “Castle Crashers,” developed by The Behemoth, remains number one in fans’ hearts and wins the top honor of Best Game of the Year along with awards for Best Original Game and Best Co-op Mode.

Some classics never die. “Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix,” published by Capcom, also takes home the top brass in three categories: Best Versus Mode, Best Remake, and Best Graphics.

Adding to its trophy cabinet, “Braid” designed by Jonathan Blow, receives notable praise for creativity winning Best Innovation; everyone’s favorite artificial intelligence GLaDOS proves she’s not going anywhere as “Portal: Still Alive” developed by Valve wins Best Single Player; and “A Kingdom for Keflings” developed by Ninja Bee, shows that people love to play as their Avatar, taking home “Best Family Game.”

All winners were determined by the Xbox LIVE community’s popular vote, who turned out in impressive numbers.185,000 members casted their votes for the biggest and best games of 2008.

And the Xbox LIVE Arcade Award goes to…

Game of the Year:

Castle Crashers


Best Versus Mode:

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix


Best Single Player Game:

Portal: Still Alive


Best Remake:

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Best Original Game:

Castle Crashers

Best Innovation:


Best Graphics:

Super Street Fight II Turbo HD Remix

Best Family Game:

A Kingdom for Keflings

Best Co-op Mode:

Castle Crashers

The overall awards seem to be pretty accurate in my book. Castle crashers was the sure dominant game this passed year on Xbox Live Arcade with Braid being a close second. The fact that Castle Crashers is co-op allows it to surpass Braid with ease. If you haven’t played either of these games I suggest you pick both of these up.

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