GDC rumors: Sony, price cuts, bundles, software.

So GDC started today and there already is some hot rumors flying around. I’ve done my digging and here’s a list of some stuff I’ve compiled. Sony fans should be pretty excited about this because Sony is dropping bombs and it’s way to exciting to keep to myself. Keep in mind though until the end of the week when the GDC is over these are just rumors so take them as you will.

I would like to think all this is very possible. Everyone has been screaming for a price drop on the PS3. Well this rumor has been flying around for awhile and plenty of evidence has surfaced of it being true, and apparently it’s being talked about at GDC. The rumor is an 80GB PS3 bundle will be released at the end of March, including Motorstorm, and Resistance: Fall of man for $399, the price of an 80GB PS3 alone. Those are old games you say? Well yeah but for someone who does not have a PS3, (which are really the only people who need a price drop) for the price those are some good games to start with. The next rumor is a big one, even though they have released a 40GB version in the past, a new 40GB model will be released for the price of $299 in May. That’s a $100 price cut so Sony did what people asked assuming it comes true. In other big rumors the PSP Slide will be shown for the first time at E3, and a price cut for the current PSP is coming and will be $119.

In software rumors, Shadow of the Colossus online will be announced at GDC. Awesome.

Syphon Filter is underway for the PS3 and apparently will use the Killzone 2 engine. Even more awesome.

Insomniac (Resistance series, Ratchet and Clank series) is developing a platformer RPG in the likes of Zelda. Not a remake or anything just kinda along the lines of.

Jak 4 is on the way.

Daxter 2 will be ready for the PSP slide in time for launch.

Does anyone remember Legend of Dragoon for the PS one? Well a remake or a sequel is under development.

Amazing, this all seems to be E3 esque if you ask me, so what is Sony gonna pull out of there hat then? I can’t even begin to imagine. Well there still is an exciting week ahead and as more rumors fly in I’ll keep everyone informed. Until the end of the week here’s to more good news.

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Wow!!! Nice. Didn’t see most of that coming. I can’t wait to see if any of it is true.