• EHaynes

    I actually found this article while trying to find a way to bypass steam. I bought FEAR 2 right as it came out and played all the way through the game. I have since installed Windows 7 and decided to reinstall the game. Reinstalling is not possible without remembering the password that I set 6 months ago. I paid $50 for a game that I can now no longer use because of a system that is broken.

    “From an end-user perspective it’s not different. From a technical and anti-piracy perspective it’s a big step forward.”

    Maybe if the system sent me the email that it claims to have sent when I entered the product key in the account retrieval area I would be able to use my purchase again. This is the last Valve Game I will purchase. It is easier to just download a pirated version for free if Valve’s system will not work properly.