Curt Schilling baseball great to… Game developer?

Everyone who is a sports fan of sort knows Curt Schilling, and also knows he has retired from Major League Baseball. For those who don’t know of him he is a former Major league baseball pitcher and has led two teams the Arizona Diamond Backs and Boston Red Sox to world championships, and retired with the best MLB career post-season record of 11-2. Those are obviously just some stats of his many.

So why am I talking about Curt Schilling, well it seems the former major league pitcher is a hard core gamer, he is apparently an avid MMO player as well. So? So, back in 2006 he founded a game studio named 38 studios. He also is producing an MMO that actually from the sounds of it may be interesting. Now I know your all thinking what I thought, this has potential to fail. In reality he actually seems to know what he may be talking about. He was recently interviewed by Adam Sessler of G4TV, and the interview shows how creative and intelligent he really is about the gaming industry. Still how does this happen really? A major league baseball future hall of famer to video game developer. Well no matter what he is taking on a role so far from baseball, I give the man props for doing what he loves and wants to do. Obviously baseball was a huge part of his life but at some point as an athlete you have to retire, and at least he knows what he is talking about and may actually succeed in his now chosen career.

I hope Schilling realizes that MMO’s can be good on console as well. Plenty of MMO titles are coming to console including DC Universe online, The Agency and MAG. I think PC is what he knows best though, as it seems. As a gamer and sports fan I support him and wish him and 38 studios, including his title in production the best of luck.

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  • Lots of MMO’s have had good designers and ideas but all recent ones have failed to WoW. It seems like people who still make MMO’s are just fans who want to do it just to do it. I want to see metrics that support the massive investment with good returns. Even Age of Conan which started off strong has all but killed Funcom