PS3 Firmware 2.70 – Tomorrow?

As GDC09 goes on, a lot of RUMORS have surfaced and there has been a lot of chatter around the web regarding the PlayStation’s 2.70 Firmware update. Now, we all know that the Resistance 2 patch is coming tomorrow, but could it just be that the PS3 FW2.70 will be released along with it? It most certainly sounds possible as the Resistance patch needs that new firmware in order for it to be able to do everything it is saying it will do like…..being able to log-in 2 PSN accounts.

The Resistance 2 patch will allow players to fully log-in 2 PSN accounts, which is perfect when playing co-op.   James Stevenson from Insomniac games had this to say:

“This is correct. Resistance 2 is the first game to fully log-in two PSN accounts. LBP only logs you in locally, and does not register both accounts as online through PSN.
This is a big difference, and what is required for split-screen online co-op with other folks. And it was dependent on a Sony update, hence why it wasn’t in when the game shipped.”

There you have it TQFam, what do you think? Is it really possible that we just might get our 2.70 update tomorrow along with the Resistance 2 patch? And if so, what else do you think this update will have?