Gears Of War 2 Snowblind Map Pack Media

New images and a video have been released regarding the new Snowblind Map Pack that is coming out for Gears Of War 2 on March the 31st for 800 Microsoft Points. The maps are called Courtyard, Grindyard, Fuel Depot and Underhill. These new screenshots are extremely awesome looking and i’m sure excited about the maps coming out.

Courtyard looks like a huge snowy map to play on, with symmetrical starting points and then a grand staircase in the middle, this map looks to be one of the biggest ones in the game.


Fuel Depot you will all recognise, it’s from Gears Of War 1. Remember, the multiplayer map?. When i first heard that this was coming in the Map Pack i recognised the name, but it didn’t connect, but the second that I saw the screenshot, memories of running to the crates to pick up the sniper flooded back. First time players to this map or even people who played it in Gears 1 will be super excited by this map. Plus, Snow!


Grindyard looks like another awesome map. With the giant crane in the middle and the control room with a boomshot outside, this map is going to be Epic!


And finally, Underhill. From what i can see from the screenshots, this is a highway that has been shut down and left to decay. The snow has fallen, the traffic is frozen and the amount of cover in this map is remarkable!


Oh and of course, Here’s a link to the trailer!

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