Nintendo Announces New Zelda for DS

By Jason Wadsworth

Hardcore Nintendo fans were hoping for big title announcements at Nintendo’s GDC keynote yesterday; for some sign that Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about them. It seems though, that if Nintendo has any major hardcore title announcements, they are saving most of them for E3. Most, that is, except for the new Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS which they announced at the keynote to the excitement of all.

In the video of the game above you’ll notice that the cel-shaded art style follows that of the previous Zelda DS game, The Phantom Hourglass and its Gamecube predecessor, Windwalker. You’ll also notice a few new additions to the gameplay that will take advantage of the DS touchscreen.

Most interesting might be the train that takes the place of Link’s boat, and while it’s not clear yet exactly how the train will play into the game hopefully it will save players from the aimless wandering that became so commonplace in the Hourglass and Windwaker games. Either way, the game looks great and with it set to release later this year die hard Nintendo fans can finally breath a tiny sigh of relief for the future of Nintendo portable gaming.

Source: Joystiq