Top – 053 PC Vs. MAC Finish the Fight!

Main Topic: PC vs. Mac, for real this time.

Special Guest Host: Tony Cordova

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Around the Pool Table:

– Played Burnout, Resistance, Dawn of War 2, LBP

– Played more Burnout: Paradise and LittleBigPlanet

– Played & Finished MadWorld
– Played Shawn White Snowboarding for Wii

– Played more NHL 3v3
– Played some L4D with Lefty, Camaro, TeeTocks, and others…

– Played Braid & Peggel (Demo).
– Watched Trust Me.
– Watching the NCAA Tournament.

TD Newscast
– What does / could iPhone 3.0 mean for gaming?

– No PS3 price cut after all?
– DSi.  Apparently that little “i” might be more telling than we originally thought.

TD Community
– NCAA tournament picks question from Jon Foster via Twitter
– A phone call from Matt’s “Girlfriend”
An iTunes review from Dr. Failenstein – “I still subscribe”
– Shout out to Richard.
– The first responses for our targeted conversation.

> – 053 PC Vs. MAC Finish the Fight!