P*N’s Community Game Night

Just a heads up about the TQCast game night this week, and it is up for vote right now on P*N’s forums.  I know about now you are saying to yourself has Scott lost his mind, posting Sing Star up on the community game night post for TQCast?  Well the answer is no I have not lost my mind.   The guys over at TQCast in fact have that up for vote with a notation lol after it.   So maybe you should go check out the post for yourself and while you are there cast your vote and maybe ask the guys if they have lost thier minds.


PLATFORM:  PlayStation 3

GAME:  Cast Your Vote

WHEN:  April 1st (Wednesday)

TIME:  6:30 p.m. PST

So don’t forget to cast your vote for the game of the week and check out that Quick Shrimp Enchiladas Verde Recipe they have posted, it looks pretty good!