360 Motion Controls Officially Exist

Third-party peripheral manufacturer PDP has officially unveiled a Wii-mote style motion controller for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The GameTrak Freedom uses Microsoft’s proprietary wireless protocol to allow for motion-based control using two sensor bars on either side of a user’s television. These dual sensors (one more than what Nintendo currently offers) will reportedly allow for accurate movement to within two millimeters. As an added bonus, the GameTrak will be able to detect movement on three axes of movement, making it more like the long awaited “Wii Motion Plus” than the current standard Wii-mote.

Expect the GameTrak to ship this fall for around $75, bundled with a copy of Squeeballs (a motion controlled party/variety game.) No word yet on whether the controllers will be available by themselves before the holidays. However, since each console can handle four GameTrak controllers at a time, one would have to assume they’ll be available sans game.

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