Interview With Shaun Lapacek

While I was visiting New York City Comic Con in February of this year I had the pleasure to meet Shaun Lapacek and talk to him a little about his comic Lilim.  We talked for awhile just shooting the breeze and then we went on our own ways.  Well opportunity presented itself and I got to interview Shaun a little more in depth.

Scott: Could you give us a brief bio about yourself?

Shaun: I was born in Madison WI.  I have a Undergrad and Graduate degrees from University WI in English and English Education.  I was one of the founders of the creative writing magazine at the U.W, Canvas.  Fictional writing has been my first love.  I have written plays for local theaters and have written articles for travel magazines.  Recently I wrote and directed a feature movie, Red and Blue Marbles which is currently in post production.  I am currently working on my first novel and hoping to produce my screenplay, Losers.

Scott: What got you started writing comics?

Shaun: Lillim was actually a screenplay and during the writing of it, Ian and I discussed how visual it was, so much that we both saw it as a graphic novel.  Joey, Lillim’s editor and my movie producer took the project to Image and well, here we are.  Didn’t expect it, but I quess that is why one works with good people.  Good things seem to happen.

Scott: Did you enjoy comics as a child?

Shaun: I loved comics.  I was reading before I was taught in school because of comic books.  I still remember my first comic.  It was “The Brave and the Bold” with Batman and Superman.  Loved the colors.  I used to hole punch them and keep them in large binders.  I never thought about collection value, just the easiest way to keep them with me to read.  I think comics lose their true value when collecting enters the picture.

Scott: Who is your favorite comic book character?

Shaun: I always loved Batman, but even as a child, I liked the darker Batman without Robin.  I also loved Daredevil.  As I got older, Xmen, Wolverine, Lobo and Savage Dragon.  At this stage in my life, I enjoy characters that don’t hold back.

Scott: Are you currently involved in any other projects?

Shaun: Right now, I am putting together materials for the bound version of Lillim and staying on top of the books as they come out is taking all my time.  Tough process, but worth it.

Scott: Do you dabble in video games at all?

Shaun: Dabble would be the word.  I have my Wii, but I miss my Sega Genesis, that was when I was playing everyday.  I miss it.

Scott: What is your next project?

Shaun: I am working on a novel at this time.  As far as comics go,  Lillim is meant to be a trilogy and as the story progresses, it becomes darker and darker and it will break down a lot more than mythology.

Scott: Where did the idea for Lillim come from?

Shaun: I have always loved mythology, who hasn’t right.  I think that it is obvious that a super hero genre come from mythology.  I have always wanted to break mythology apart and base it in modern religion.  I had been reading about Lilith for a while and it all seemed to come together.

Scott: How do you get yourself in the creative mood to write or does it just come natural?

Shaun: When it comes to writing, once I take the time to sit down and start I am in the mood.  Often I like to sit in a bar, put on my headphones, listen to Cocteau Twins and people watch as I write.  I can write like that  for hours and hours.

Scott: Why comics?

Shaun: I saw Lillim on the same shelf as a Batman comic.  Nuff said.

I had the chance to read the comic and I was in awe over the illustrations and the can’t wait to see what Shaun will bring to us in the next part of Lillim.  I am a comic book fan and if you are, I would suggest you pick this one up.


Written by Shaun Lapacek and Ian Keiser, art and cover by Matrix.

A battle of epic proportion ensues in an ancient time. Since the death of his mother Lilith, Odin, first son of Adam and Lilith, vows to continue to punish Eve’s children as his mother desired. The second child of Lilith, known as Loki, has had enough of his sibling Odin’s grasp upon the children of Eve. After witnessing their death at his hands, Loki crawls deep into the ocean depths…and time passes. Many years later, Loki awakens to a modern world, where he meets and falls for an ER doctor named Bridgette. Their happiness is short lived, as Loki realizes that his siblings are still very much alive and wrecking havoc upon the children of Eve once again!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on March 11