Skype coming to the iPhone!

As of tomorrow, Skype will be available for all iPhone and iPod Touch users, Blackberry owners will have to wait until May.   Skype users will now be able to SkypeOut right from their phone. Say goodbye to all the hassling of other apps that also support this feature, we’re now getting Skype from the primary source and not only that, and the best thing of all, this app is FREE! In order for you to be able to enjoy its full abilities, you will need to be on WiFi as this app does not work on EDGE or 3G unless you only want to IM only. Of course this app will also allow doing most of the things just as if you were on your desktop computer such as instant messaging. If you are an iPod Touch owner, make sure you have the headphones with an integrated mic. With that being said TQFam, this is another reason why this phone proves to be the Jesus Phone as stated in TQcast EP. 58.