Sony To Make Big Announcement

Sony is planning a announcement for this Tuesday March, 31 SmartHouse has reported.  No details have been given as to what the announcement will entail, but the rumors are flying as to what the announcement will be.  Some of the rumors circulating around the net are varied from the PlayStation 2 getting a price drop bringing it down to $99 to the PlayStation 3 getting it’s price drop.  Also seen was the PSP getting a price drop to compete with the soon to be released DSi.  Whatever the announcement is rest assured people will be hoping for the PS3 price drop.

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  • Bill

    I think its probably going to be a price drop of some kind but noit the way that everyone thinks. probably game price drops or peripherals.

  • smitjd

    I hope they announce more PSN games and ps3 price drop (twitter: fishinsmit)

  • Well, it is supposedly a “global” announcement, so a price cut doesn’t really make sense (for the PS2 or PS3). They always cut prices on a territory by territory basis.

    Here are a few guesses, just for fun:

    – Software backwards compatibility coming to PS3.

    – A significant update to the PSN (e.g. cross-game voice chat, or perhaps something unique)

    – A significant update to Home (it looks like Home might actually be working for Sony, so perhaps they are going to do something big in that space).

  • Justin Last

    I think it will be an announcement regarding PSN exclusives.
    I wish it would be an announcement that we’ll be getting software back-compatibility via a firmware upgrade.

  • Sony does this kind of thing all the time eryone will expect the price drop on the PS3 but they’ll probably just end up making official a new SKU PS3 bundle with 2 games AND an extra DualShock3 or something like that.

  • Price drop that they said they wouldn’t do.

  • louiedog

    It’s probably about a ps2 price drop, but I’d love to see something about a new PSP. I want to pick one up but it seems like they have something new around the corner.

  • Most likely it’s about a price drop… but I’m hoping it’s about MGS4!!!

  • PS2 dropped to $99, PS3 dropped to $369.

  • mhsalute

    Has to be a price drop

  • Price Drop on the PS2 – Backward Compatability Lives! lol

  • Deadpoolite

    It’s probably the PS2 price drop that’s already been leaked. I’d like to see more PSOne classics and psp legacy titles on the PSN. They haven’t released a single PSOne classic in 2009.

  • ATC 1982

    I hope it is the release date for Fat Princess has been moved up till April. Or Hopefully a new Shadow Hearts Game exclusive for the PS3.

  • Aaron D

    Enter Your CommentI think it will be the weak sauce price drop – that everyone wants them to make but won’t help – since its losing all the xtra features — ^_^

  • kerlick

    Netflix for PS3! (a guy can dream, right?)

  • daniel

    i think it will b a new firmware but not whats rumored on the internet

  • They will probably announce the price drop for the ps2, as well as an exclusive game for the ps3.

  • AkmGamer

    I think the announcement will be about a price drop for the PS2 and a new PS3 bundle coming out in April.

  • Ruben M

    I think my announcement will be that they will also offer netflix streaming on the PS3. Or that the PS3 will get a price cut finally.

  • I think it will be a price drop

  • Erik B

    I do think that it will be a price drop for the PS3. There are just too far behind right now and lower price point will get some of the more casual people maybe to jump aboard.

  • Canuck102

    I think it will be a price drop or a netflix thing on the PS3

  • ViperX2

    I don’t think it will be a price drop…my guess is it will be an update to PSN like cross-game voice chat, or an update to Home like the EA space being released, which would actually make me want to go back into Home.

  • nvmisfit

    I’m hoping for cross-game chat on Playstation network. Or any kind of cool new feature for Playstation Network that will give Xbox Live something to worry about. I have both systems by the way,so I’m not a fanboy of either.I just think competition between the two companies is good in general for us gamers.