Company of Heroes Patch Makes Things Worse

Ever since the release of the Opposing Force expansion pack Company of Heroes has had balance issues and that was over a year ago. With patch 2.4, released yesterday, Relic was aiming to fix that but it seems to have missed its mark. With 15 pages of patch notes you think they would have fixed it all but not only has the patch not fixed the issues its launch has been a complete failure.

The retail version of the patch was only 100mb but took up to one hour to download from the congested servers. On the other hand the Steam version patch was about 3Gb. Combined with the release of a Empire Total War patch at the same time, the Steam servers were completely crammed and many users and still downloading over a day later at near dial-up speeds. Now the Relic game servers are straining to keep players connected online.

Version 2.4 has modified hundreds of aspects of the game changing almost every unit in one way or another. The problems though, still persist. Spamming still works to a aggravating extreme. Changes to Britain failed to weaken the army and Panzer Elite’s early game has been scaled back a bit. Lots of the player base are angry about the changes and new bugs.

Tales of Valor, releasing next week for $30 is a new expansion pack adding a trio of new single-player campaigns along with some new multi player content was the cause for this new patch. Relic began working on 2.4 over a year ago and was released in preparation of the new expansion. Sadly though the frustrations of the multi player weren’t solved so unless you fancy playing against the brain dead AI I wouldn’t recommend picking up the expansion.