PlayStation 2 Price Drop

John Koller Director/Hardware Marketing for Sony has stated on PlayStation.Blog, the PlayStation 2 will be offered for $99.99 starting April 1st.

Not a bad price for a console that has brought us almost 1900 games and over 250 greatest hits thus far and is still getting new releases for the console, and lets not forget about reliability,  I have had one of the launch PS2’s and have never had a problem with the system.  I do realize the price drop isn’t that great, but for $100 for a console that has a proven track record is pretty good.

  • While it’s easy to question why Sony is cutting the price on hardware that’s barely on the edge of relevance these days, I think that it’s a safe move that may pay at least temporary dividends in these times of recession.

    Although new games are few and far between for the PS2 platform now, there are still plenty of games out there to be purchased and played. The PS2 library spans so mny different genres– from FPS to RPG, sports to adventure games, quiz games to “murder simulators”. These games can be bought almost anywhere, too.

    If the PS2 price drop stimulates hardware sales, then Sony still makes money somewhere– even if the PS3 is foundering.