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What up TQfam, I want to first off thank every single one of you that have stood by us since March of 07. We initially started as a cast called Techquila led by myself and long time friend,TQfam, and veteran of TQcast Filty Fernandez. These last 2 years have been an incredible journey, and I’m proud to be TQfam. In early 2008, a young Jr.Cuz by the name of JUiCE stepped in to the TQ stage as the new co-host of TQ. Many doubted JUiCE, many hated JUiCE, but many gave him a chance. JUiCE aka 2.0 has developed an incredible skill, and has surpassed every TQ expectation one had for this young 2.0, as he has proven to be a real blessing and addition to TQ.

With that said, I want you all to know that today at 9:35am TQcast signed a 25 episode deal with Univision. Univision is a Spanish-language television network in the United States and Puerto Rico. It has the largest Latin American audience in the world. (Just in case you were under a rock.) What does this mean for TQfam, it absolutely means, to stay tuned for some next level TQ shiss. As of today TQcast will now record the cast in only Spanish, but we will create a separate show in English later this year, for all of our non-Spanish peeps. Please bare with us for the first few months as we get situated in our new home at Univision.

Don’t forget that Platformnation has great cast in English for the meantime, but we will be back in full force this coming weekend, for the first time in Spanish.  will remain live, as we will continue posting daily post, casts, and pictures like usual.  TQGame Nights will remain. I have already appointed some TQfam to the hosting when we are out of town.

Any questions, post on this comment.

TQcast will also be needing some staff, more info soon..

Thank You TQfam, we begin the beginning of TQcast Global! Gracias Familia TQ!

Desz Martinez

Check the Interview from today’s meeting.

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