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Valve and Activision Dueling for Millions

Valve is taking on Activision over a 2002 case involving royalties from Sierra Entertainment. The case is long and complicated, but it boils down to Sierra owing Valve $2,391,932 in royalties from an arbitration judgment in 2004. Activision alleges that this amount is overpayment, and has cut a check for only $1,967,796. That’s $424,136 short, for those who […]

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Forza 3 Debuting at E3

With E3 coming up in just over a month, rumor and speculation has really started to ramp up regarding both hardware and software unveilings that are planned for the event. Among the most recent is Microsoft’s long-rumored Forza Motorsport 3.  At a recent event for the Xbox fan community in Brazil, Microsoft teased a partial […]

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FPS Freek Review And Winner Announced

Congratulation to McZiggz! He is the proud winner of a set of FPS Freeks. To buy your own set head over to Kontrol Freeks Store. A random number generator was used to pick his comment number. ——————————————————————————- The concept behind the FPS Freek is that the larger and higher joystick gives you a wider range […]

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