COD: World at War Map Pack 1 Sells Million in First Week

By Jason Wadsworth


Title publisher Activision and developer Treyarch both confirmed yesterday, via press release, that Map Pack 1 for Call of Duty: World at War garnered over 1 million downloads during its first week on sale from March 19th through the 22nd. Both parties are obviously thrilled by the popularity of this DLC that includes four new maps; one being a new zombie mode map.

“I’m proud that the team at Treyarch delivered an experience that so many people are enjoying,” said Mark Lamia, Studio Head for Treyarch. “We’re excited that the success of Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 will continue to drive the popularity of the game’s Nazi Zombie mode, competitive multiplayer and chart-breaking success online.”

“The success of Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 speaks to Treyarch and Activision’s ability to provide fans with quality content during a time when people want to get the most out of their Call of Duty experience,” said Maria Stipp, Activision’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Owned Properties (and owner of one of the longest professional titles ever).”

Map Pack 1 is available for download now on Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft points ($10.00 USD) or on the Playstation Network for $9.99 USD.

Source: Activision, Treyarch, Kotaku