PS3 firmware V2.70 released

SCEA has announced the details for firmware version 2.70 for the PS3 and there is some new stuff to look forward to. Soon after the announcement I went to turn on my PS3 and realized the firmware has been released, so for everyone anxiously waiting well, it’s here.

Version 2.70 mainly focus’s on the friends list and text chatting it seems, as both have a few upgrades. V2.70 brings a new text chat feature allowing you to instantly chat with up to 15 of your on-line friends In a chat room. Including yourself a chat room can hold up to 16 people. You may use the wireless keypad, on-screen keyboard or any keyboard peripherals compatible with the PS3 to chat. You may also access text chat while in a PS3 game and join or create up to 3 rooms at once. Very convenient if you ask me. Along with the new text chat feature, upgrades to the friends list on the xmb have been made. You can now sort friends by their on-line status, as in friends who were most recently on are at the top while friends who were ashamedly on 5 days ago will be at the bottom. Friends who are on or active will remain above the inactive still. If you wish you may still use it alphabetically. Now you can attach even larger files to the messages you send to your friends. The file size has increased from 1MB to 3MB. I personally never had a problem sending files and now I know for sure that I will not.

The video service on the PSN has also gotten some upgrades. You can now store or back up any video files purchased from the PlayStation store to an external storage device. You may then restore it to the PS3’s internal HDD for playback. This is so you may free up any needed space as necessary while allowing you to watch it freely when you may wish. Also any videos you may have purchased for your PSP can now be transferred to the PS3 for playback.

The new features are great and the text chat is very handy especially in game. I’m really happy to see them implement some new chat features and try to make it easier to communicate with friends. The video service improvements were much needed, movies take up a lot of precious space, and even with an 80GB HDD, space seems to disappear rather quickly. A rather good update for the PS3 in all, as they hit some areas in need of attention. Now that the update is here what are you waiting for? Go install it.