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Main Topic:
An impromptu (we swear!) discussion of the four hundred dollar PlayStation 3 and if a price cut is truly necessary.   For the first time in weeks, an “around the pool table” where all of us play games, and an analysis of the current status of Community Games.  Finally, our conversation continues with the community.  We talk about Tom Cruise a little bit too much…

Around the Pool Table:
– Playing Flight Control (iPhone)
– Playing Chess with Friends (iPhone)
– Watched Relative Strangers
– Played L4D Versus
– Burnout Paradise
– Gears of War 2 – local co-op
– Playing a lot of Unreal Tournament III
– GTA: Chinatown Wars
– Fixed my DS
– Burn, Zombie, Burn
– Playing RE5
– Oregon Trail (iPhone)
– Freddy vs. Jason

TD Newscast (all sources are links):
– Xbox 360 Update (via Our Xboxes)
– PS3 Firmware 2.7 Update (via PlayStation Blog)
– Stardock’s Impulse allowing for sale of “used” digitally distributed games (via Joystiq)
– XNA Community Games (via, Gamerbytes, 1up,  Joystiq, Gamasutra, the Internet)
– Price Drop on PS2. (News via PlayStation Blog, Hype from Kotaku)

Mr Matt’s Album of the Week:
– The Jam: In the City