Amazon Trade-in

As most of you know Amazon now offers a video game trade in service. So I decided to give it a try so that all of you could have an idea of exactly how it works.

Sending off the games was really easy. After I decided which games I could part with, the rest of the process was simple. First I had to go on Amazon and select the games I was trading in, which worked much like searching for games to buy. I just searched for the games I was going to trade in, and added them to my trade-in cart. After I had selected all the games I was trading in I confirmed, printed out my FREE shipping label, threw my games in a box and took it over to the UPS store.

From this point on there was a lot of waiting. And there was more waiting, did I mention the waiting. First I anxiously waited for Amazon to receive my package, then I had to wait for them to process my games and makes sure that they would accept them all. Once they had accepted my games my funds were added to my account as a gift card, and I could buy ANYTHING I wanted, from any of their departments with this money. At this point I picked out a game I wanted, only to realize that it was backordered 2 months, luckily it was really easy to cancel that order and get it from a different vendor. Once my game was ordered, I had to WAIT some more while they processed my order, and shipped the game. My game finally arrived at my doorstep over a week after I sent in my games on that  fateful day.

The bottom line really is that Amazon gives you pretty good prices, and your can use your money for anything you want, BUT you need to have a lot of patience, it is definitely not instant gratification. Oh, did I mention that at least you won’t have to go into game-stop this way! I will definitely be giving this trade in method another go.

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  • rod

    how long did it take from the day you sent the games off till the money showed up via the gift card? did you actually receive a gift crd or did money just show up in your account as credit?

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    It took 5 maybe 6 days for the money to show up, and it was just credited to my account. Can you imagine waiting for them to mail you a gift card? That would suck!

  • Did you have to wait to see what they would give you for the games or do they have what you will get when you where selecting what games you where trading in. Glad to see you had a pleasant experience trading the games in. I like this method a little better (even though I don’t trade my games in), because when I do go into GameStop I hate to see what they are not giving the customer for what they trade in, just to see the game or console hit the shelves at a inflated price.

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    Yeah, you see what they will give you for the games when you are adding them to your trade in cart.

  • is he trying to say definitely? lol defiantly.

  • BC

    “from any of there departments” It should have been “their” not “there”.

    Waiting a week is not that bad and I dont understand why that is such a big deal. It would be different if you had to wait several months.

    It is also a lot better than going into any gamestop.

  • ATC 1982

    I think I will stick with

  • Which games did you send and how much did you get back?

  • A follow up story of some price comparisons of other trade in ventures would be perfect.

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    Kosamus, that is a good idea, I will see what I can do.