SOCOM Set To Get Update

SOCOM: Confrontation will be getting a new update some time in the near future.  The list below has been confirmed for the 1.50 update with additional items to come at a later time.  No date has been set as to when the update will be set to release.

  • Added the ability to join directly into a friend’s game off of the friend’s list.
  • Added password protected custom games.
  • Drastically improved the weapon selection ring. You can now move while selecting weapons and the weapon selection is much faster and more accurate.
  • Slightly reduced the Famas accuracy.
  • Improved the damage of the Desert Eagle. One shot kill with light and medium armor.
  • Improved sniper rifle damage. One shot kills with bolt action rifles on light and medium armor.
  • Fixed a large number of level exploits.
  • Channel names are sorted alphabetically by default.
  • Reduced the long fade in at the beginning of rounds to less than 1 second (the “darkness” is gone).
  • Added a 30 second game start timer to games when greater than 60% of the players ready up.
  • Clan patches are now displayed on your character in-game.
  • Clan tags are now displayed with your player name in-game.
  • Added center markers to all scopes and changed the color of the crosshairs so that they are visible at night.
  • Kill cam stops following target after 5 seconds.
  • Button prompts in death cam fade out after 5 seconds.
  • Target Spotting now defaults to off.
  • Weapons selected in-game are not saved to your custom loadout.

  • Sounds like a great patch. Just want to say this patch will also add Tournaments, Clan Ladders, and the Calendar as well. A good bunch of features, I’m not sure if I agree with the 1 shot kill for the Desert Eagle because I already know a few guys who can run around with it and kill people, I hope they drastically reduced the rate of fire and accuracy on it and increased the recoil (maybe similar to the 12 guage pump). Other than that it seems like the game may actually be finished and ready for some DLC!