Resident Evil 5 Versus, Will you buy it?

The DLC for Resident Evil 5 will be released later this week on PSN. The content will included Versus-Co-op mode, Slayers, and a competitive mode called Survivors.  The DLC will cost $4.99. With that said, do you think this DLC is worth the buy, since it’s a first attempt at a Resident Evil VS mode? Do you think that this will be a copp or a flop? Share your thoughts on this upcoming DLC.

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  • TFWDraven

    I have less than no desire to pay to unlock something that should have been unlocked when I bought the game in the first place. I’ll wait until it’s free; if they never make it free, I’ll just not bother.
    Now if a multiplayer mode came out for Dead Space, on the other hand, I’d be all over that like a flannel. Shooting while moving = WIN.