Down n’ Dirty: Resident Evil 5 DLC Impressions

Today Capcom “released” downloadable content for Resident Evil 5 which came out early last month. The 400 Microsoft Point ($5) add on for the game added a new online versus mode, where players can compete against one another to score the most points, by either killing one another or killing zombies (much like Mercenaries Mode). Both Modes can be played in teams (2 vs. 2) or Free-for-all (with up to 4 players)

This download was under a lot of scrutiny for being announced so close to the release of the game itself, with many people arguing it should have been included in the main game, and others stating that the content was actually already on the disc. With the release today it is confirm able that this DLC was in fact already on the disc, and you were simply paying $5 to unlock it.

My personal opinion on the fact that this content was already on the disc, but hidden away is that Capcom should have just charged the extra $5 for the game from the beginning. I would have had no issue with paying $65 for what is in my opinion an extremely content heavy package. The way they handled it is extremely poor and will most likely cause quite an uproar within the community.

The content itself is quite enjoyable. I found Mercenaries to be a fun diversion from the main game, and this feels like a more fleshed out version. Initially I thought it might not be enjoyable to simply stand around shooting at other human controlled players, but the game continually dishes out zombies while the game is being played, making it far harder to stand around and simply aim at one another (although it still did happen on occasion.)


The average match lasted about 10 minutes, with a constant sense of tension lasting throughout. Any time bonuses that either side gets will add to the overall game timer so the length of the match is almost entirely chosen by the people playing the game.

While I enjoy the actual content, I can not recommend that anybody pays for this, my reasons being plentiful.

First and foremost, finding a match is laborious and I spent more time trying to get into a working game than I actually did playing. This is by no means an exaggeration. At least 75 percent of the matches I attempted to join would spend 20 seconds connecting (with no way to back out) and then inform me that the game was either full, or no longer existed. This immediate frustration continued when I finally got into a match.

If at any point during the match a player disconnects (there is no option to quit the match, which has its benefits, as well as its downsides) the game automatically ends and everybody is kicked back to the selection screen, and none of the running game totals are kept track of.

Finally, while the matches I did play ran smoothly there was always a noticeable lag when opening doors, leaving you extrodinarily vulnerable for 5-7 seconds longer than you should be normally.

For those of you achievement hunters out there, the DLC does come with a set of 10 new achievements worth a total of 200G. Let me warn you however, that these will most likely frustrate you, as some of the goals are quite lofty (win 30 games in every mode, which means finishing 120 matches on top, no easy feat).

If you don’t mind waiting for long amounts of time to find a game which you may or may not be able to complete, I highly recommend this DLC. If you are however, somebody who enjoys fun, quick games, stick with Mercenaries Mode and save yourself a few bucks.

  • SGG

    Great Heads up. Im gonna hold off on “unlocking” this DLC until it smoothes out. I agree also they should have just charged $5 extra for the game or included it and worked on real Downloadable instead of Unlockable content.

  • Michael Cooper (Snaven Shake)

    Also, please feel free to criticize my writing. I want to get better. 🙂

  • I’ll wait till its FREE and use that 5 dollars to plant a tree.

  • Excellent article. All the facts I needed. I’m not buying this, and you helped me decide that, so great job Shake.