PSP Dual Analog Sticks?

Rumors are all over the Internet about the new PSP, that is rumored to be released as soon as winter.  The new rumored PSP is said to have a touch screen and will slide upwards to reveal it’s dual analog sticks and the other standard button’s, and the new PSP will do away with the UMD drive and we would rely solely on digital distribution.

I like the look of the rumored PSP and would like to see if this does materialize, and if this new PSP is true is Sony trying to cash in on the touchscreen as Apple has  with the iPhone?  Whatever the case is I think we can expect an announcement at E3 about a new PSP.

*Sony has denied all rumors about the new PSP.

  • I sure hope so! I’d pay double the current price for a dual-analog PSP.

  • Hayden Barber

    i cant wait for it to come out tht looks mint!!!!!!:D XD