You Can Buy Xbox LIVE Arcade Titles, MS Points on Amazon

By Jason Wadsworth


Microsoft and Amazon announced today that users will now be able to purchase Xbox LIVE Arcade games as well as Microsoft Points from Amazon. Purchasers will receive codes which they can then enter into the Xbox LIVE Marketplace from their console or online to receive their game download, points, or subscription. Perhaps more exciting is the fact that receiving purchases as codes will finally allow users to give Arcade titles and points to others as gifts or prizes; something many users have been asking Microsoft to make possible for some time.

Another interesting benefit of purchasing on Amazon is that the prices are listed in actual, real-world currency, forgoing the need for any conversion tables or calculators to figure out the actual cost of a download.

Now, if you could only get your PayPal account to convert directly to Microsoft points…

  • Actually, if you are a Bank of America customer you can now get discounts on Amazon which will make the games cheaper than buying them on XBL too!!

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  • @B1G Kahuner, I didn’t know that, wow that is really a great deal. That is unless you live in WA where you have to pay tax on anything from (same thing with anything bought off of the marketplace, we get taxed when we buy MS points)