World of Goo Review

Genre: Puzzle
Developer: 2D Boy
Available Platforms: PC, Mac & Linux 
MSRP: $20
ESRB Ratings: Everyone

World of Goo is a puzzle-bridge building game developed by 2D Boy. They have opted to make the game free of DRM, and Region locking. So if you want to complain about DRM, you better not pirate this game!

In world of Goo you use goo balls to make bridges, towers, and other structures to navigate your goo balls to the pipe at the end of the level. You will have to overcome obstacles such as spikes, moving gears, wind, and even a little water. You are on a mission to get the goo balls through the factory, and eventually take down the World of Goo corporation. In the first half of the game you just make goo structures, and use a variety of goo balls that have many different “properties,” such as stretchiness, and removability.

About half-way through the game the gameplay changes A LOT, and it is a good change (not that the original gameplay is bad). I can’t really give a full review of the gameplay change, because it is actually a fairly big story development too, and is is a fun surprise. Which brings me to the story, which is helped along by little clickable signs throughout the game, made by the “sign painter,” and happens to be really funny, but if you want, you can skip the entire story and just play the game.

The gameplay was really fun throughout the entire game, and never got old. Because of the awesome physics and level design you could play the same level many times, and it would turnout different every time. It is a really good value, compared to the amount of  gameplay variation and story you would get out of a typical puzzle game. Oh, and did  mention that all of the pesky, and sometimes dangerous DRM is gone!

World of Goo has a few quirks, mainly as in most puzzle games there are a few levels that are extremely frustrating, however this is combated by the skips that you can earn throughout the game, so you will never get stuck forever. Maybe I just have a goo ball crush, but unless I start nitpicking I can’t find anymore problems with World of Goo.

I love World of Goo, and recommend that anyone who likes physics based puzzle games gets this game. The developers are challenging you the gamers who hate DRM a chance to prove that you aren’t pirates, so please if you are interested please don’t take advantage of this company that is giving us a chance to prove ourselves.

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