The Best Sniper Rifle In Any FPS

Strangely enough for a game that’s got everybody so nitpicky and middling in their scores the one place that Killzone 2 excels is in it’s weaponry, specifically the sniper rifle. I maintain that this is the best SR since GoldenEye showed us how to do it, and it’s for such a simple reason; control.

As warped and twisted as our hands become trying to grasp the slippery eel of the PS3 Dual Shock, and as much as our confused fingers end up resembling a plate of fat spaghetti, as we search for purchase on the triggers, once you’re looking down the sights of this bad boy it all becomes clear. We can let go of the nubby thumbsticks with their suppurating pustule rubber buttons on top and just lightly tilt the pad left, right, up and down and as long as you are pointed in the general direction of a Helghan warrior you can ease the sights dead center between his glowing red eyes and squeeze off a round or two to encourage his propaganda-addled brain to launch through the back of his Kojak slap-head.

It’s delightful, and if only it didn’t require you to wrestle your avatar into cover to initiate, it might be the perfect weapon. We need more PS3 developers making subtle use of the tilty control. Not in a way that’s crucial to the game, but in little ways that make you smile in the knowledge that you’re not going to find that feature anywhere else.

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  • I actually have to agree. I have played almost every big FPS to date and I feel that no one has achieved the same level of awesomeness that the Killzone 2 sniper rifle has, no question. (the Halo 1 sniper rifle was a whole lot of fun though)

  • JDiPierro

    Horribly short article. It’s got a good purpose behind it, but it lacks a lot of info. Pretty much the author used three paragraphs to tell us “The sniper rifle in Killzone 2 is controlled using the six-axis… Pretty cool!”

    Also the text is riddled with ‘ten dollar words’ which make it a nightmare to read. You may think it makes you sound smart to use phrases like “with their suppurating pustule rubber buttons” but it doesn’t, it just makes it annoyingly overcomplicated. Keep it simple stupid.

    As for discussion of the topic of the article: I haven’t played Killzone 2, nor 1 for that matter, but that one feature alone makes me want to go rent it. That seems like a great little detail that would add loads of fun and accuracy to Sniping. I’m a huge PC FPS fan, but when it comes to FPS on Consoles it makes me want to tear the circuit board out and smash it over the head of the developers. Thumb sticks just weren’t made for pinpoint accuracy and speed of control like a mouse allows for.

  • kadare

    Yeah the sixaxis on the sniper rifle is genius. Use the analog sticks to get the enemy in your sites (but not necessarily right under the cross hairs) and then use the sixaxis tilt to tune the shot in and get it aimed perfectly. It’s *much* better than doing lots of fidgety little taps on the analog stick to line it up properly… works really, really well. more games should have it.

  • KIllzone 2 is the best FPS period.

  • Matt

    Yeah fucking right. The bullets from the Killzone 2 sniper rifle travel so fucking slow that it’s impossible to hit a moving target from 50 feet away. This article is bogus. It’s Battlefield: Bad Company sniper rifles that are where it’s at.

  • Jay

    Matt you’re an idiot, just like in real life your shot has to “lead in” meaning you have to shoot just before your victim gets on your crosshair.

  • That Guy

    @ Matt.

    lol…. BF BC dissapointed me

    I love to shoot of their heads 🙂

  • Leg3nd

    I don’t really use the six axis for my aiming when it comes to sniping, though the sniping of KZ2 is satisfying as hell, cause a shot anywhere on the body results in a satisfying body reaction and blood and that lovely chirp. However, the sniping in Killzone 2 has one major problem-though i agree its some of best sniping in fps games-headshots are very difficult to accomplish considering the distance and its size. It basically comes down to, pull of a headshot, significant chances of a miss, extra points for kill or shoot anywhere on the body, significant chance of success, normal amount of points.

    That is why i still find Halo 3’s sniper rifle unmatched by any fps shooter or 3rd person to this day.

  • Nebo

    False! The sniper rifle from Perfect Dark on the N64. What other sniper rifle has x-ray vision and shoot through walls…

  • @Nebo

    Lol, I agree with the article only because it’s a regular sniper rifle and the regular one in Perfect Dark didn’t compare.

    But that alien one was awesome.

    In terms of creative weapons I haven’t played an FPS that compares to Perfect Dark to this day.

  • Ominater

    I personally dont use sixaxis to aim sniper rifle because ive always just held it steady but i might start trying it out.

    One more thing, having grey text on a black background is very hard to read and I had to highlight everything to be able to!!

  • Ramz

    I think the most natural aiming mechanism is the Wii, like in real life you point, aim and shoot. You don’t ‘thumb’ or ’tilt’ a gun in real life, do you?

  • bobletto

    Very poorly written article. But aside from that, i agree with what is said, apart from that bit at the end which says you have to be behind cover to use the rifle? WTF?

    I like it, but it isnt the easiest sniper to use. Games like Halo and Resistance have the easiest snipers to use, sometimes too easy. Still, i think killzone’s rifle is just a little too hard to handle.

  • carl

    i will have 2 disagree. the sniper is good will give it that but, why only one sniper rifle? in call of duty world at war i have the choice of multiple sniper rifles. also disapointed with the hd resolution. great game but as good as cod? i dont think so

  • Marco

    Do some research.

    Sniper Elite is by far the best.

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    Sniper Elite is not the best, nor even in the top 10. Just because it’s easy to play / the sniper is easy to uae, doesn’t justify it as the best.


    Okay, though i do agree with you, what’s with this new thing where all the geeks like reviewing every single gaming article on its structure and grammar as of late? No one asked for an opinion or advice. I swear nerds will do anything to pretend to themselves that they are superior beings.

  • Snake

    MG4 sniper rifles are the best! Period!

  • Nice article and well written. I have no problem with $10 words or anything else. I want to play this game even more now.

  • WRONG… that was the one gun I couldn’t stand using in KZ2. I always use sniper rifles in FPS’s and this one is AWFUL. What SPIFF did Sony give you for writing this posh piece.

    Complete HOGWASH.

  • jjack

    I agree that this is probably the only sniper rifle using the sixaxis, but I have the say that the best sniper ever was in Resistance series: the L52 FarEye

  • jojoPwNZ

    I think that the sniper rifle in kz2 is awesome but i have to agree with jjack.
    The Fareye in R2 is FUCKING INSANE!

    Only gun that makes me want to play r2 is the fareye.

  • yori

    It sounds like sony paid u to say that. I have KILLZONE 2 and it’s o.k.

  • Alex Shaw

    Dude… do you really think Sony would have specified that I describe their thumb-sticks as having “Suppurating pustules” on them?

  • Jamea

    Clearly he’s not being paid but i have to strongly disagree. I commit to upwards of 30 hours of gaming every week and the main genre i play is FPS.

    Ive owned KZ2 from launch and ranked up very quickly to get the sniper and mainly the invisibility perk.

    When using the sniper however the six axis does not factor in. I only use the sticks and the motion sensitivity is only a gimmick. If i had to sum it up id call it a distraction.

    I may be way off the mark and i know the weight of the guns was a key design choice by the Devs but the slow movements and bulk of your weaponry makes the six axis feature feel redundant as its to slow to keep up with enemies running at you, especially as you do have to lead onto them.
    But then again, that’s what the game plays like and if you don’t like that don’t buy the game!

    I’m still a massive fan of classic COD4, crisp aiming and Halo style jumping no-scopes but this is just not present in Killzone.

    If you’re a fan of Halo and COD snipers, this will be a drastic change in pace and power for you.

    As for you Alex Shaw, a respectful article that has a poignant, well, um, point and that’s that; Nicely written as well!