Mathis “Detroit” Street Judge

Wait, look at the title again, I had to have a second look as well. That is in fact hit TV Judge Greg Mathis. It is going to be a third person open world shooter targeted at our nation’s youth. The idea is that you are a criminal who gets released early from jail due to overcrowding but you have 2 strikes and have to turn your life around. I think this game could probably work if it is made really well, but I am certainly not convinced it will anything more than a new attempt to compete with GTA. Maybe with a little more good press from the mainstream media. 

Rather than going the traditional TV-licensed root of turning a courtroom format virtual, Rich and Mathis are crafting a third-person perspective, open world shooter set in the ghettos of Detroit. Players will step into the role of convicted felon La-Ron Washington, who’s been released from prison early due to overcrowding but has two strikes hanging over his head. La-Ron is given one last chance; he must stay out of trouble, perform community services and avoid negative street influences and temptations. One more strike and La-Ron gets a life sentence from Judge Mathis. But out on the street, the entire Detroit underworld wants him dead for the alleged murder of a crime boss – a murder he didn’t commit.

-Yahoo Games

Do you think this new take on open world games could work?

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