Why the PSP Fails

In light of all of the PSP 2 rumors floating around I thought I would highlight one of my previous articles, and point out what the PSP 2 really needs to do if it is to succeed. 

I will start out by pointing out why some of these prospective new features will not really benefit the PSP franchise. First is the idea of a touch screen. Trying to penetrate the mobile touch screen market is a terrible idea, unless Sony has a really amazing touchscreen technology up their sleeve. Trying to compete directly with the iPhone, and the DS is a bad move, and I don’t think it will happen. 

All of the other rumored new features do seem a lot more plausible, such as dual thumb-sticks (please, please, please), the sliding screen, and even the removal of the UMD drive. 

The major advantage the PSP has over the rest of the market is soooo underused, and that is the PS3. I bought my first PSP with visions of a super advanced PS3 controller. I listened to all the rumors of rear view mirrors, and all sorts of other uses of the PSP screen when connected to the PS3. So far we are just starting to get a little taste of the computability (I’m looking at you resistance). But if the new PSP promises an advanced level of compatibility with the PS3 it will help to give the PS3 something special (the blu-ray routine is getting old) and give the PSP a leg over its competitors.


Obviously the PSP has sold over 50,000 units, and is doing quite well. The PSP fails not in sales, but in “attractiveness” (to use). We can see that same trend with the Wii, nobody in their right mind would say the Wii is a failure but you could say that it fails to work for you. That is what I am saying here, the PSP has a fairly small selection of really good games, and it’s PS3 connectivity features simply aren’t good enough YET, so the PSP fails to be a viable entertainment system for ME.


-PSP Editorial(Elaborates on these points)

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  • david

    about the touchscreen … do u know that sony is coming out with a new walkman player that utilizes oled screen which they could integrate to the psp 2 and make their product compete with apple’s iphone….

  • oi

    PSP didn’t fail. It sold over 50 million, which is VERY good for a newcomer.

  • me

    what the hell i didnt realise that the PSP failed it has sold over 50 million copies and you call that a fail???? what a stupid article

  • james

    i hope the psp2 looks like that second picture

  • racingfreak92

    You two must be joking. The DS has sold more than twice the amount of units but more importantly the DS actually has games that are good and games that SELL. PSP games usually have terrible sales and the library of PSP games is extremely weak.

    I dont think the key to PSP2 is PS3 features. The PS3 is doing bad enough already so appealing to a audience of what? 6 million? Not exactly big success there. The great DS games use the DS in a way that makes them unique and only available on that system. The PSP tries to have FPS, RTS and Racing games but ends up with crap that is better in every way on the big screen.

  • Ben Reilly

    You are a Moron

    1. How in the hell is selling 50 million units your first time out against Nintendo the Handheld king a failure?

    Check the facts, no ONE every sold that many, Not Sega, Not Atari, Not SNK, NO ONE

    2. The Touchscreen is needed in todays world, while it may not be needed for gaming. Having a touchscreen would make surfering the web, playing music much easier, and better.

  • Peters Chris

    Well i think d psp kind of failed bcos u cant compare it 2 d tyme game boy/color was in d market.Sony shuld do sumtin beta

  • nate-dog7

    psp sold over 50 million units, dip shit. i have both ds and psp and i wish i had never bought a ds since every game i thought would be good turned out to be designed for 8 year olds. ds is for kids, psp is for gamers.

  • Fanboy idiots

    I don’t know why you idiots attack other consoles. If you don’t like it don’t play it. Unless the company pays you for attack campaigns get a life. The pep would have been much better and more enjoyable with 2 analogs. That is the only thing that really turned me off of it while playing shooter games like socom. you nintendo faggots forget the gamecube? xbox worshippeds do you have a mobile game system? get a life and learn to spell your articles properly when you are trying to make a point how bad a product is. Flaming assholes

  • The touchscreen is the only way the PSP is going to stay viable in the marketplace. It’s the only way to solve the need for dual sticks without adding dual sticks.

  • darthLegion

    This must’ve been written by a 5th grader and not have been proofread. It’s almost embarrassingly unreadable. Put down the controller and pick up a book every once in a while.

  • Look, Listen, Nobody should start fighting about any console. You see
    You think think that DS™ might have sold more & because about the new rival release, DSi™ It makes it more popular. I will give you some siple reasons the diffrenses about comparing the PSP™ & DS™.

    1). PSP™ 3000 Has more better screening and Than a DS™ Or a DS Lite™.

    2). PSP™ Has more menu options & you can also view Movies & Go Messenger™, Same with DS™ But its called Pictochat™.

    3). Both Consoles Tell you your nickname.

    4). On DS™ you have two-screens. The body of the DS™ was found of the original Game & Watch™ Console

    5). On both Consoles have camaras. DSi™ & PSP.

  • Xbot

    ‘ ‘ PSP didn’t fail. It sold over 50 million, which is VERY good for a newcomer. ‘ ‘

    LMAO thats alot more then game cube and xbox COMBINED!!! i wonder what would this kid call this consoles then? LMAO but but game cube is cool !!!!

    the fact is nintendo ds is for kids thats why its so cheap, Sony PSP reallly has no competition there is nothing like it on the market today the graphics are just eye bleeding it hurts i love my Launch PSP and my PSP 2000.

  • jojoPwNZ

    matedog your so fucking right!
    I also have a DS and a PSP and i wish i never bought the ds! The ds is filled with games for kids that bore the shit out of me. I should’ve never bought it!

    LoL this is a serious fact: I HAVE NOT touched my ds in OVER a year since i got my psp. HELL i dont even know nor care where i put it!

  • CrimsonFox13

    It’s funny, the article says, “Why the PSP fails” but it’s not about that at all, it’s about possible PSP2 features. Hey, uh, Mr. Author, you’re doing a terrible job at writing articles. But the second picture looks like the best.
    Anyway, it’s entirely possible for them to make the PSP2 have a touchscreen. Their new Walkman series, the X Series, has a very responsive (or so I’ve heard) OLED touchscreen. They need 2 analog sticks, definitely, though.

  • dosomeresearchdumbass

    Um, the PSP didn’t fail , otherwise it wouldn’t still be in the market. I had a PSP but I sold it, the only reason I got read of it is cause I bought a PS3 and all I do is play games in my house which defeats the purpose of a portable. But for the time I did use it , it was very , very fun and certainly had many more options than the DS. I’m planning on buying one again actually since I might start travelling more.

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    I just wanted to say that I love sony, and want the PSP to succeed. I am aware that It is doing good in sales, but my problem is that I don’t use my PSP nearly as much as I want to. What I am trying to point out here is what Sony should do with the PSP line if they want the PSP2 to satisfy me. Like I said I love Sony and hope they succeed, but right now it is a lot like the PS3, more advanced, and less accepted than its competitors.

  • wtf

    Your mom is a fucking failure.

    A handheld system sells 50 million and it’s a failure?

    You’re a jackass.

  • I just hate moronic titles such as the title of this article. I would imagine the author would be ECSTATIC if the amount of people read his article that own a PSP, so if we take his analogy this article fails…

    Wait we all fell for your trap, insight flamebait in the hope of increasing your reader base when in fact it will overall diminish it.

  • Adam

    A writer that can’t even spell.

    It’s like a taxi driver who doesn’t know what a steering wheel is.

  • First what is a “rummer(s)”? then ditto to most everyone else’s comment, How did the PSP fail? won’t point out the numbers again, but the remote play alone makes it not fail! Watching any movie or viewing any pic on my ps3, and playing most PSN games is fraking awesome and love doing it at lunch! Take out the UMD and remote play on a touch screen (OBVIOUSLY) PSP2 is going be a dream come true. Now we just need trophies on the PSP!

  • Mr. G, England

    Sony has sold over 40 million PSPs, maybe not as much as the DS but still… The DS is a totally different handheld aimed at a different market. The PSP is basically a handheld PS2, and yeah, it’s just full of PS2 remakes etc., plus there’s not many games that stand out. I think Sony should of dropped the black color, and it should be priced at say £99.99 as it’s been out a while now. PSP owners have relised that the PSP hasn’t really delivered. As for the PSP2, would it make any difference if it was up there with the power of the PS3? I don’t think it would. Sony may aswel release a new PSP with a touch screen, hard drive etc., and actually start giving us some games, not to forget games from others such as Capcom, EA, Sega, Rockstar (the big guns). And I’m surprised there was never a new GTA game.

  • d

    you ds bashers are morons if you think the system is for children
    maybe you aren’t playing the right games, the psp is garbage though
    and I had a psp before my ds.. it’s a complete gimmick

    for a sony platform.. i’d expect some decent rpgs.. still nothing that touch twewy or M&L
    ff:cc is a joke meanwhile the ds has chrono trigger, dq ix and ASH

    rhythm heaven alone beats anything on the psp this yr(and is more challenging), then throw in gta:ctw..
    i mean resistance is super easy and you people say the ds is for children.. ever play the castlevania titles?
    for GOW theres NG:DS, and nothing on the psp touches zelda:ph and soon spirit tracks
    you’re just graphic whores

  • Oh boy

    I would like to understand this reasoning. So “not failing” means to destroy competition? That’s a childish look on the market. If it were to be only the big N, or Sony, or MS, people would be screwed.
    Gameboy Color anyone?

    Also, I guess you can’t see how well the PSP is doing, or worse, you don’t want to see.
    There are times when I have more fun with my PSP than with other consoles. And I still have tons of games that I need to play. Jeanne D’Arc being one of them. Damn, give us the other PSP games, Level 5! NOW!

  • shizzle

    PSP didn’t fail. 45+ million units in not considered a failure by a long shot.