Bruins to Win the Stanley Cup! says NHL 09

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Official EA SPORTS NHL 09 Stanley Cup Playoffs Simulation has the Boston Bruins predicted to win a six game series against the Chicago Blackhawks for their first Stanley Cup in 27 years!

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Personally I see this being a little difficult, and rather stunning, as neither the Bruins or Blackhawks have even reach the finals in the last 15 years. Also in this simulation the Detroit Red Wings lose to, playoff first timer, Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round 4-3. These facts compounded with the current line in Vegas for the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup at 5-1 and 50-1 for the Columbus Blue Jackets I just don’t see them making the Finals at all. But what do I know about Hockey!

I do know if you have strong faith in NHL 09 this would be the perfect opportunity to win back some of your retirement that might have dwindled in the stock market. If not old enough to worry about such things then make a suggestion to your parents and let us know how that works out. One thing I do know is; in the Stanley Cup Playoffs the puck bounces in weird ways!

So who is your pick for Stanley Cup Champions? I think I am going against this simulation in the fist round. I don’t see Detroit losing to Columbus or losing anyone else for that matter. Which would mean the last team to repeat as Lord Stanley’s Champion will also be the next team to do so! Go Red Wings!

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  • I’m hoping for the Sharks to take it all the way

  • I HATE the Red Wings, always have and always will, it’s the Chicago in me speaking. Being born and raised in Chicago, you quickly learn to hate Detroit.

    But looking at the bracket from a logical and statistical point, Columbus and Detroit were tied in the regular season, which means nothing now. Detroit has always proven they can have a crappy season, but be dead on during post season play. Columbus will give Detroit a test and I’ll bet it will be decided in 7.

    Now for the finals, I believe it will be San Jose and Boston, with it going to 7 games. San Jose has the talent and the heart to make it there, as well as Boston, but I’m thinking Boston may have just a little more drive behind them.