Mr. Matt’s Album of the Week #36

Gomez – Bring it On

gomez-bring-it-onBased out of England this five piece band released their debut album, Bring it On, to much acclaim in 1998. They won the Mercury Prize for album of the year and were named “Best New Band” by a boat load of music journalists. And for them to win album of the year was pretty amazing seeing as they put the album out the same year as the Verve’s Urban Hymns. Combining blues and indie rock they went on to create a unique sound in the current music environment. With the singles, 78 Stone Wobble, Get Myself Arrested, and Whippin’ Piccadilly they truly created a fantastic album that you cannot pass up. Check out the video’s after the jump.


78 Stone Wobble

Get Miles (live)

Whippin’ Piccadilly (video after link)

Get Myself Arrested (video after link)

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