We Need Those Brass Knuckles Back

Electronic Arts may of had sent out some of the best swag I have ever seen, but unfortunately the swag they sent out is illegal in most states.

EA had sent out brass knuckles as a promotion for GodFather  II, and now is asking for them back because they found out a little to late their swag is illegal not only to posses but in some states it is illegal to ship them over state lines.

What I find amusing is not the point somebody overlooked the legal issues of brass knuckles in some states, but some developers can send out a nice aluminum bat and that’s O.K. because it is  dual purpose swag not only can you play baseball with it but you could just hang it on your wall because we would never use it as referenced in the game it was promoting.

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  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    I wonder how that meeting went.
    “Well what swag should we give out for this game?” “how about a real weapon!”
    “Yeah that sounds great”
    “Don’t you think that may be illegal?”
    “No it’s legal in Alabama, it must be legal everywhere.”
    “Well it’s settled then BRASS KNUCKLES!”