3 PSN Games To Recieve DLC Packs

Three exclusive PlayStation Network games will be receiving DLC packs starting with Magic Ball which will have a new “Booster Pack” available this Thursday, April 16th, on the PlayStation Network. All three games are from Tik Games and Creat Studios who are adding additional content and features as requested by their fans.

The 3D block buster game will receive a Booster Pack which will include a new witch-themed level pack with 25 new levels and 5 new trophies for $3.  A free patch will also be released alongside the DLC that will add custom soundtracks support.

Cuboid, a 3D puzzle game, will also receive 33 new challenging levels for expert players as well as a level editor. With the level editor players will be able to create  new levels as well as edit original game levels or other levels downloaded from players. Players can then upload levels and share them with other users and create their own challenges. New trophies will encourage players to play and rate user created levels. The levels will be available for $3, the level editor $4 and both together in a bundle for $5. Custom soundtracks are also coming to Cuboid through a free patch.

Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom will receive a similar package with 25 new levels for Infinity mode and a level editor that will let users create their own layouts and share and play them in online multiplayer modes and then save them for offline use. Mouse support and custom soundtracks will also come to Mahjong Tales through a free patch. The DLC pack comes all together with levels and editor for $5.

The DLC Booster Packs for Cuboid and Majong Tales will be available in the coming weeks and the new Trophy details for Magic Ball are listed below.

Magic Ball:

Trophy Thirteen
Description: Complete the ‘Wicked Witch’ Episode Points: 15 – Bronze
Trophy Fourteen
Name: 50 in a Row
Description: Complete 50 levels in a row Points: 15 – Bronze
Trophy Fifteen
Name: More Points Than You’ll Ever Need
Description: Score 2,000,000 points Points: 15 – Bronze
Trophy Sixteen
Name: Evening Exorcist
Description: End the witch’s control by hitting her during the “Night” bonus Points: 30 – Silver
Trophy Seventeen

Name: As You Wish
Description: Find the Princess and Knight and remove everything around them Points: 30 – Silver

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