Killzone 2 DLC Not Free

The once thought free map pack for Killzone 2 will not be free after all. had announced that the DLC would be free, has now stated in a update that the cost is unknown and will not be free to download.

Update, April 14 10:32: Sony Computer Entertainment has indicated that the extension will not be free to download, but an unknown amount will cost. Indicates that the DLC would be free, as mentioned earlier was not from Sony and is not correct.

I don’t care what the cost is.  These maps look great and I for one can’t wait to download them and play some multiplayer action on the new maps.

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  • I’m waiting on the official price, but damn, I was so hoping this was going to be free. I really only want one of the 2 maps out of this anyways.

  • An alternate headline could have read “Paul will never buy these maps.”

  • That quote makes less than no sense

  • really thought it would be free? can’t wait to see the $10 price tag on 2 maps and 2 vehicles. If that is correct then I wouldn’t be buying them either!

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    They could charge me $20 and I’d pay for the maps.

    I wish they were free and I haven’t heard anything concrete. The Dutch website that reported the maps were free looked pretty legit.

    If they wanted to sell more copies of this game, the first map pack should be free. But then again, Sony seems hellbent on making consumers cave in this generation.