Killzone 2 Steel and Titanium DLC April 30th

TQfam, we get our first Killzone 2 DLC on Thursday April 30th! The DLC contains 2 new multiplayer maps with new gameplay elements and strategic twists. Check out the videos below, to get a glimpse at what is just around the corner for TQGame nights

The first map is Wasteland Bullet, and the action will take place on the bullet train that and transports goods and troops between Pyrrhus and the Wasteland. The game is a frenzied firefight to wrestle control of the train from the enemy and into the hands of your faction. With the train moving at full speed, players will need to remain aware of the immediate environment as well as enemies – hitting an overhead obstacle at this speed will mean instant death. – Source

The second map, Vekta Cruiser, will find ISA troops boarding a vast ship with the goal to repel a force of assaulting Helghast troops while also protecting the cruiser itself from heavy Helghan fire. The action takes place entirely indoors in a frantic and claustrophobic battle where attackers lurk around every corner. – Source

Price TBA.

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